Miami Scores Revenge Over Blue Devils 81-59


1 thought on “Miami Scores Revenge Over Blue Devils 81-59

  1. I loved Scheyer as a player, but this year’s team has a lot of issues, the least of them being their youth. Scheyer recruited no speed, athleticism, or quickness, and this team cannot get to the rim, or stop the opponent from getting to the rim. They are slow, turn the ball over at an alarming rate, and have poor leadership from Roach. Roach played 40 minutes against Miami and had zero assists. Really. Blake’s played 2 minutes off the bench and had 1 assist. The defense is terrible and this is a concern. Nobody rotates, nobody hedges, and weak side help is non existent. Offensively, Duke leads the country in charges. Why? Their offense consists of Roach, Filipowski, and Mitchell dribbling to the rim with no open lanes. It would be effective in collapsing the defense, but they seldom pass out for the open 3. Too much standing around on both offense and defense. Where is the coaching? What offense do they run. They play primarily 5 out which spreads the floor for penetrating and cuts, but the offense is based on quickness, speed, and cutting. Duke does none of the 3. Their freshman and Jeremy Roach are all very poor decision makers. 5 out is based on decision making. Change the offense. Play more zone. Duke is pathetic at guarding the high screen which many teams run. They switch everything, but end of with a mismatch. They never hedge, they never fight hard thru the screen, they never double team. It’s lazy and pathetic defense. Where is the coaching? Where is the coaching?

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